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About Our Organization

Dear family member:

You’ve received this letter because you share a remarkable heritage that centers around a man

born nearly two hundred years ago—Jacob Hamblin. Many of you already know of his amazing

accomplishments: how he facilitated the exploration of the Grand Canyon by John Wesley Powell;

how he created a safe path for early Mormon pioneers to travel across Utah to California, and

how he saved the lives of Native Americans and European immigrants alike by finding common

ground between the two cultures. This great man devoted his life to taming a wild and angry part

of America during the 19th century by exemplifying kindness and respect for all people. More

than twelve decades since his death, we feel it is now our time to honor him and the principles

for which he stood.

The Jacob Hamblin Legacy Corporation, Inc. is a non-profit group established to help gather the

thousands of descendants of Jacob Hamblin and to raise awareness of his remarkable contributions

to Utah, Arizona and the nation as a whole. The city of Kanab, Utah is working in conjunction

with us to build a memorial at a prominent location in Kanab. This memorial will bring to

life the accomplishments of Jacob Hamblin to the more than two million tourists from all parts of

the world who visit Kanab each year.

In addition, The Jacob Hamblin Legacy Corporation has plans to produce a documentary film

about his life. To turn these plans into reality we need everyone’s help. Imagine the satisfaction

you will feel each time you drive through Kanab and see a memorial that you helped build.

To kick off this worthy effort we will be holding a Jacob Hamblin Family Reunion June 17-19,

2010 in Kanab and we’d be honored if you could arrange your schedule to attend. This reunion

will be held in conjunction with Jacob Hamblin Days, a celebration Kanab began several years

ago to share the rich history Jacob and others of his day played a part in creating. See the enclosed

information to learn more and make your reservations.

We also need your financial help to make the memorial a reality. Please look over the enclosed

donation form to learn how you can help. If we all unite the story of Jacob’s amazing life and the

principles he lived by can be shared with the world.

Jacob left us a great heritage. Now it’s our turn to continue the legacy.


Larry Burk

Great-Great-Grandson of Jacob Hamblin

Jacob Hamblin Legacy Corp. President

Address: 7459 S Rita Ln, Tempe, AZ 85283
Contact Name: Jacob Allred
Phone: 480-220-4258

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Jacob Allred

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